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Charms and traditions in the heart of the Oisans

Oisans, countries at the heart of the Alps, has given its size in the Isère mountain. Renowned peaks, colorful landscapes, Oisans is a country rich in 1000: natural, human, historical, cultural …

A country with six valleys, all so different and yet all bound by a sense of belonging to the same geographical and historical entity: Oisans.

Easy access, 65 km from Grenoble, the Ferrand Valley is an outstanding natural site on the edge of the Ecrins National Park, a rich tourist potential that its inhabitants are keen to preserve and develop.

The magnificent Lake Chambon turquoise waters marks the entrance to the Valley Ferrand, typical valley has preserved its authentic character with its three traditional villages Besse Clavans en Haut Oisans and Mizoen.

This is mostly a paradise for nature lovers, mountain and its many activities.

In spring, summer, fall or winter, you will discover a preserved area, a land of dreams where every place is full of emotions and discoveries …

Valley Ferrand is one of the high valleys of the Oisans. The three towns are staged from 1200 meters to 1550 meters. Eagle overlooking the lake Chambon (Mizoen) or discreetly tucked away in the valley (Clavans, Besse) nest villages Valley Ferrand offer visitors many surprises. Indeed, these authentic villages have preserved intact the cultural and natural heritage which the Oisans especially Valley Ferrand, a single territory.

To appreciate Besse en Oisans, Clavans in Haut-Oisans and Mizoen, take the time to walk their streets, drinking fountains in the clear mountain water to collect in the privacy of churches and chapels. But it is also important to his senses to catch the bend of a path marmots and chamois, admire the deep blue gentians or be lulled by the sweet music of bells.

  • Mizoen, altitude 1180 meters: charming village adorned with a thousand flowers, is the gateway Mizoen Valley Ferrand door. It offers a magnificent view of Lake Chambon.
  • Clavans en Haut-Oisans, altitude 1400 meters: the common Clavans consists of two remote villages and two kilometers from the hamlet of Perron. Ovens, fountains, squares, cultural and architectural tradition is to go into each lane.
  • Besse en Oisans, altitude 1550 meters: authentic and preserved as could be the right words to describe Besse en Oisans.