Le Parc National des Ecrins

Since the Law of 22 July 1960, the territories can be classified as a national park by state decree when natural environment is of particular interest and importance to preserve it. There are more than 1,500 national parks in the world including 10 in France: the Ecrins, the Cevennes, Guadeloupe, Mercantour, Port-Cros, the Pyrenees, the Vanoise, Reunion, Guyana and The Creeks..

The National Park is Bérarde first French national park, created in 1913 under the leadership of climbers, naturalists of associations and French Alpine Club. In 1973, he officially became the Ecrins National Park. Between Gap, Grenoble and Briançon, it covers 92,000 hectares and is bounded by the valleys of the Romanche, the Durance, Guisane and Drac.

In the Ecrins National Park you will find more than a hundred peaks over 3000 meters with a peak at 4,102 meters (Barre des Ecrins), forty shelters, 740 km of marked trails and about sixty Gîtes.

The park is divided into two areas: the central area of the park, subject to the rules of strict protection, and the peripheral zone, which municipalities are strongly encouraged to adopt the principles of sustainable development for economic development that respects the environment. Mizoen, Clavans en Haut Oisans and Besse en Oisans are located in the peripheral zone at the north end of the park, as shown in the map of Commons park.

The central area of the park is subject to specific regulations: dogs, camping and caravanning, cycling, motor vehicles, fires and harvesting is strictly prohibited. The camp is allowed under certain conditions. Peripheral areas are not subject to this regulation.

The mission of the park include studying this natural heritage unusual to better protect, assist municipalities in their planning and welcome and inform visitors. For more details, houses the park are a permanent place of public reception and meetings with local stakeholders. Park House in Bourg d’Oisans: 04 76 80 00 51