The Ferrand valley provides an important network of hiking trails. Pastoral Protestant factor or the mill, each path is carrying a story traces a route used for centuries by men and women who have shaped our valley.

Hiking is queen in the Valley Ferrand walkers a day or walkers always, everyone can find the route to its measurement.

Steep trails or mountain cows: there is always a haven down the road to drink or even to rest.


The bikers road can indulge on unfrequented and surrounded by spectacular scenery route b ut also climb the mythical collar: collar Sarenne 21 bends of Alpe d’Huez, Col du Glandon, Croix de Fer, Galibier, Lautaret …

The main events


Mountain bikers, downhill enthusiasts biking or hiking will find something to delight in all the famous spots of Les 2 Alpes and Alpe d’Huez.

The main events

Via Ferrata

They are secured in a vertical environment to pass a wall with routes using existing equipment (ladders, bridges), without resorting to technical mountaineering. First approach to vertical or practice fun, via ferrata is a serious sport with many rules to follow. there are several nearby Valley Ferrand the Perrons (2 Alpes), valley Sarenne (Alpe d’Huez), mining the Grand Clot, Arsine, St Christophe en Oisans, Alpe du Lauzet …


Many sites and climbing walls are scattered in the Oisans.

  • Les 2 Alpes
    An interior wall, located in the Sports and Cultural Amphibia in the center of the resort, with 40 channels of 4 to 8c pan and tilt drive. Amphibia information: 04 76 79 62 62.
    “The Needles Champamé” located outside the entrance to the station is an artificial structure of 30 m with over 45 ways for beginners to experts (4a to 7c). Supervision and monitoring of mountain guides and climbing instructors. Information Tourist Office: 04 76 79 22 00.


  • l’Alpe d’Huez
    located in the Palais des Sports, it has a pan tilt of training and 23 routes from 3 to 7a on a wall with a height of 11 meters. Information sports hall: 04 76 11 21 41.


  • Mountain lakes, bubbling streams, rivers … fishing enthusiasts will be delighted.
  • Fishing permits are available at the AVIA station Freney.
  • Fishing is allowed on all lakes, streams and rivers in the valley, except the stream Rif Nel who falls Freney, and part of Lake Chambon, which is in reserve.
  • The fishing season begins the first Saturday in March and ends on 2nd Sunday of October, except for the lake level to 2 Alpes and Chambon dam, opening the 2nd Sunday in October.
  • For information, call the President of the Association: Mr. Monsieur ARNAL Alain. 06 83 71 18 21


  • AIR 2 ALPESCreated by Jean-Baptiste BERLIOUX, driver of the France team, AIR 2 ALPS is born of a passion, the paragliding. The pleasure of driving and performance are of course present, without neglecting safety remains the watchword.Air 2 Alpes is a family free flight school which also gives you access to outlets at various locations in France, but also to travel abroad and raids 4 × 4 – Paragliding.Supervision is provided by dedicated professionals who will do anything for your baptisms, internships or travel leave you good memories.

    Jean-Baptiste Berlioux
    06 81 44 38 31


  • CONFIDENT ‘CIELGive yourself the look of the eagle! With François Pinatel, paragliding instructor and mountain guide, discover the magic of free flight at the various sites of the Oisans, tandem paragliding, piloted by a professional and if you are already a pilot, adopt the high mountains, and takeoffs peaks …Information:
    François Pinatel
    06 07 90 24 54


    • Pony Club : Open all year

The Prancing Pony is a cavalry of 20 horses and ponies, a career working 50mx20m and breeding Shetland ponies.
Activities: pony rides, courses and lessons in time, excursions, competitions, horse boarding …
Affiliated with the French Equestrian Federation, Youth and Sports and leisure National Education

Information from Cecile Bezard
(graduate instructor status)
06 18 26 33 75.

    • Horse Farm : Open on sunny days

Discover Emparis plateau riding with Laurent Hustache, equestrian tourism guide graduate! Output per hour (20 €), half-day (40 €), day (85 €), or long walks two to six days until Savoie (from 270 €). Possibility to provide for a day and a half walk on set with night shelter and tasting of traditional dishes from the Oisans (180 €).

The cavalry is composed of fifty Merens, this little black horse mountain foot, very versatile, and described as “dense, strong and noble” by SHERPA (Equine Union breeders of the breed). Breeder passionate Laurent even managed to accept in 2009 one of his horses “Merens standard”: a rare reward! Indeed it is the first standard Merens native Rhone Alps.

For more information contact Lawrence Hustache 04 76 80 12 71/06 87 10 78 41

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