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Besse en Oisans

Besse en Oisans 1550 m

Have you ever dreamed of living in a small mountain village, far from the noise and pollution, on a giant screen with one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps? There are hundred already the face of it was the same. The old people, hawkers, artisans or harsh mountain farmers have left their mark permanently. Their successors will welcome you warmly and make you appreciate the relaxed lifestyle of this unusual town, one of the finest of Oisans.

This important mountain community was formerly called “St. Andrew in the middle of the forest …”
Forest fire August 24, 1540, according to legend, he remained primarily birch. Hence the present name of the town that comes from Bes, meaning “birch” in patois.

“Who did not see Besse and Paris did not see anything …”

For “Paris” should be understood tray Emparis, including 2,900 hectares spread such a natural balcony facing 2200m grandiose panorama of Arves needles, and Meije Glacier Sarenne. This natural site is one of the largest pastures in Europe, and every year many herds that keep the “open” landscape and perpetuate this ancient culture that is pastoralism mountain.

Facing south, classed as one of the buildings of France, Besse is one of the most beautiful villages of Oisans, and also one of the most visited. Squat stone houses huddled on each other for protection from cold, separated by narrow streets and steep cobblestone (cobblestone “old”), a solid built to withstand heavy snowfall, the village Besse is typical habitat uissan mountain. The walls are made ??of slate, whose sombre and austere appearance is enhanced by the veined granite quartz that glows under the sunlight.

It is a crowded and active that has kept the soul of old village. At the heart of the village is located the house of Alpine pastures, tourism and cultural actor in the departmental level, which is at the heart of pastoral care. Young and old can discover a fun and entertaining cultural traditions and traditional activities uissanes associated with pastoralism.

Summer sports or simply contemplative, mountain bikers, paragliders, equestrian enthusiasts or walks, you’ll be spoiled for choice Besse en Oisans is the starting point for beautiful walks or runs in medium and high mountains. In winter, the Emparis plateau, the peak of the mas de la Grave, the peaks of the Salse will delight hikers with snowshoes or skins of seals. You can also enjoy the sports facilities of the nearby resorts of Alpe d’Huez, Les Deux Alpes, Auris en Oisans and La Grave.

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Clavans en Haut-Oisans

Clavans en Haut-Oisans 1400 m

(Which was called “Saint Didier foot timber”)

Clavans means “key” in the local dialect, because the village has always guarded the entrance to Valletta and passes Quirlies on the former border with Savoy.

Nestled against a slate ridge, flowery village, often awarded on the occasion of departmental competition will enchant you with its pretty fountains, squares, its church and its small chapel charming. The two villages that comprise it (Clavans Lower and Upper Clavans) are located 2 kms from each other, bordering Ferrand. This impetuous torrent, which has also given its name to the valley, has its source in Lake Quirlies glacier Sarenne (subject to a beautiful hike in the site) and then passes through the pastures, forming beautiful waterfalls to plunge into the turquoise waters of the Lac du Chambon.

Its beautiful old houses testify to the prosperity of farmers and peddlers of Oisans. These are the long harsh winters that drove men to become hawkers to sell throughout France (and sometimes abroad!) Haberdashery, small household items, and plants of the Oisans. Admire the old houses, some of which have hosted Huguenot refugees in the earliest times of the wars of religion. Indeed, following the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, there are hundreds of Protestants Oisans who tried to flee to Savoy passes through Valletta and New Meadows refugees.

The people of Clavans in Haut-Oisans, have maintained their traditions. Discover the craft activities such as “farouilles” (locks old), basketry (homemade wicker baskets …), taste delicious local honey and local and regional specialties.

In summer, it is possible to escape to the hills by crossing the Col de Sarenne wonderful gazebo still wild on the Massif de la Meije to join the Alpe d’Huez by pastoral road. The rise of Cherry, Clos Chevalleret, without forgetting the traditional mounted Quirlies Lake (site) you will discover beautiful landscapes. Note that Clavans is located on the GR54 Tour de l’Oisans.

In winter, the off-piste glacier Grand Sablat to ski down from the Pic Blanc (Alpe d’Huez) with the help of a guide.

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 Mizoën 1180 m

Perched on a peak, Mizoën is the entrance to the valley Ferrand door. This charming village full of flowers typical of the Oisans rated three flowers, offers a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Chambon below the Meije, the gorges of the Romanche, and to the distant edges of Taillefer.

It is a land of history and legends (the Huguenots before the Revocation, the epic Dam to … 1920-1930). It is a country of peasants, transhumance … It is a country of traditions, with bread oven, museum of local Clots, its ancient paths staked oratories …

But it is also a country of modernity! Featuring a spacious recreation room, kindergartens, playgrounds and a thousand sports: hiking, cycling and horse riding, paragliding, skiing and hiking nearby.

Visit the Eco Museum hamlet Clots, located next to the refuge, learn about how peasants lived at the time.

Finally it is a country full of nature and prestigious sites: the Clots, the Emparis plateau and lakes whose waters reflect pure eternal snows … you will find Mizoën a warm, friendly … a village atmosphere conducive relaxation, discovery and contemplation.

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