Festival Musical hiking Ferrand

Festival Musical hiking Ferrand

A festival that has found its way into the Top-Oisans

In 1999 born the Musical hiking Ferrand. Entirely devoted to classical music, this festival has quickly found its place in the chapels, churches and shelters altitude Valley Ferrand. Every late July and early August, a passionate audience gathers around the guest artists who show us composers and key instruments.

The festival was immediately able to touch its audiences since the inhabitants of the valley of Oisans, delighted to enjoy an on-site supply of quality music, to visitors passing through the area, eager to cultural discoveries and natural areas.

This is a view of culture that all concerts are free accessibility. At the end of the concert, a pot is offered by the SIEPAF, which creates a privileged moment of encounter and exchange between local, tourists and artists.

The festival is also part of a sustainable development as visitors are encouraged to park at the entrance of villages before the concerts. For musical excursions, site access is on foot mostly.

Accessibility for persons with reduced mobility are also taken into account because free transportation is organized to reach the scenes of open-air concert.

Concert venues

Concerts in chapels, churches, squares … The festival is an opportunity for the visiting public to walk the villages, and discover the architecture so typical of Upper Oisans stone houses, narrow cobbled streets (the “cobbled”) fountains, doors barns traditional wooden …

But what makes the originality of this festival is undoubtedly the concept of Music Walk, which is to relocate the music scene in the mountains. The Plateau classified site Emparis lends wonderfully to exercise. At the foot of the glaciers on the green grass pasture, concerts are a unique dimension. The neck Sarenne and stone barn so typical, is also an ideal place for outdoor concert.

The festival is a subtle blend of outdoor activities and artistic discovery. For this little rich natural heritage unusual country music is an ambassador that magnifies its beauty.