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The Syndicat Intercommunal

The SIEPAF includes the three municipalities of Besse en Oisans, Clavans en Haut Oisans and Mizoen mission and the development of the Ferrand valley.

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Its objectives:

  • Develop the economic potential of the area
  • Facilitate the maintenance and installation of the population by setting up services
  • Develop tourism and cultural offer

His actions:

  • School

    School Transport (elementary school and college)<br/.>Every day except school holidays and public holidays

  • School canteenThe school canteen welcomes schooled children Mizoen and Freney d’Oisans. It is located at the Auberge de Mizoen where meals are prepared. The cost of meals charged to families is € 4.50. Registration for the canteen implies acceptance by the families of the Rules of Procedure of the school canteen. The rules are available on request SIEPAF.
  • How to registerChildren living in Besse, Clavans and Mizoen: registration at least one week before the date of the first meal. Children living in Freney: a written request must be sent to the Mayor of Freney is the sole authority to grant permission. Once authorization granted registration at least one week before the date of the meal
  • Extracurricular careThe extracurricular nursery welcomes children attending Freney and Mizoen. It is located on the 1st floor of City Hall Mizoen.
  • Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 7:30 am at 8:30 am and 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Price: € 1 morning and evening: € 2
  • How to register for the canteen and extracurricular:
    Seat reservation at least one week in advance by returning the registration forms.


    • Recreation center

    • First child: 10 € per day, 36 € for 4 consecutive days and € 45 for 5 consecutive days
    • 2nd-child +: 9 € per day, € 32.50 for 4 consecutive days and € 40.50 for 5 consecutive days

The Leisure Centre is approved by the FCA and the MSA of supported are possible for families who can benefit. The program is set according to the seasons and focuses on the educational project of the leisure center.


    Portage home meal

  • The delivery of meals at home is for people over 60 years Valley Ferrand and Freney.
  • Its objective is to enable the home support for people with loss of autonomy.
  • The meals are prepared by the hostel Mizoen and delivered by the City Halls.
  • Registration is done by calling SIEPAF ( at least one week before the date of the meal 1.
  • Prices for meals are charged € 8.40. They include a starter, main course, cheese and dessert.
  • A partial payment of the cost of meals may possibly be done by the municipalities.
  • Check with your local residence. .

Free shuttles

  • Service market
  • Days of operation: Saturday mornings
  • Hours consulted in “Local services”

Architectural consultancy


A consultant architect is available to the public who wish to construct or renovate. He provides information, guidance and advice to ensure the architectural quality of the buildings and their smooth integration into the surrounding site, without charge to the implementation.

This service is free.

Date hotlines

The permanence of Marc-Andre Belli Rice, Architect (Hyphen SARL architecture) held the 1st Friday of each month.

  • City Mizoen: 14h00
  • City Clavans: 15h00
  • City Besse: 16h00

Make an appointment directly with municipalities.

Development and maintenance of footpaths

The SIEPAF is the interlocutor of the Oisans Home Association for tracking maps and topos guides “Oisans Bout Feet.”

Hikers who want to share their comments on the trails Ferrand valley are invited to leave their posts at the following address: siepaf@orange.fr